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Hand painted nesting dolls

Russian crafts & Russian dolls

There’s a lot more to Russian arts & crafts than nesting dolls.  Creating arts and crafts is a prominent tradition in the country.  Naturally, nesting dolls are the most common type of thing you can create.  Traditional Russian shawls are another prominent craft in the country as well.  As with any other country, there isn’t a strict protocol that people need to follow when they’re dabbling in arts and crafts.  It’s up to the artist to create what they want with the materials they have.  There are some specific kinds of arts and crafts that are popular in Russia, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only kinds of crafts.
This underscores the perception of what’s considered creative in the eyes of the world.  If someone has the courage to express themselves, it doesn’t matter how they do it or where they are when they’re doing it.  A creation from Russia is just as valid and beautiful than a creation from the United States or any other area of the world.  Ethnocentrism isn’t something you should consider when you’re dealing with creative people.
As a result of people’s fascination with foreign wares, the price you have to pay to get even the smallest trinket goes through the roof for tourists.  Countries live off tourists and Russia is no exception.  If it wasn’t for tourism, the economy of a lot of these countries would suffer.  It’s easy to get pulled in to buying everything in sight, so practice moderation when you pull our your wallet in a foreign country.

Collectible nesting dolls & Hand painted nesting dolls

For centuries, Russian nesting dolls have been made with care and love. Deeply-rooted in artistic tradition, our collectible nesting dolls will bring the charm of old-world Russia to your home. The distinctive features of the unique collectible nesting dolls combine tradition, innovation, and style into one. You’ll love the beautiful collectible nesting dolls we have to offer. Select from our wide variety of colors, shapes, styles, and designs.
Russian craftsmen have been making nesting dolls since the 1700s. Now, we bring this delightful art form to your home with our gorgeous collectible nesting dolls. Every doll comes to you made with special care, attention, and respect for the art form. Whether you are purchasing a nesting doll for yourself or as a gift, you’re going to fall in love with our collectible nesting dolls.
Called by many names, collectible nesting dolls are known as matryoshka, babushka, stacking, and the ever-popular nesting. The nesting doll is a world-renowned symbol for Russia itself. Adults and children around the world love the unique nesting dolls, with their many layers of fun personalities. Our collectible nesting dolls make for a unique gift or a beautiful part of your home décor. You’ll love the traditional look, with a modern appeal, when you purchase one of our collectible nesting dolls.
Each of our collectible nesting dolls are completely unique and delightfully charming. Bring a bit of old-world Russia to your home with gorgeous, artistic, and creative collectible nesting dolls. Take some time to explore our selection of gifts, home décor, and collectible treasures.

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